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Polka Dot Photo Milestone Cards

Polka Dot Photo Milestone Cards

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Celebrate every little victory throughout your baby's NICU journey! Print out a photo and attach it next to each milestone.

Included Milestones

Welcome Baby

Time to Celebrate: Fill in the blank pounds & height

No More Breathing Tube

No More Feeding Tube

First Bottle

No More Wires

No More C-PAP

I'm Breathing On My Own

I Slept in an Open Crib

No More IV Fluids

I Am On Room Air

Today is my Due Date

I Breastfed Today

I Opened My Eyes Today

I Am Going Home Today

My First Outfit

First Cuddle with Dad

First Bath

No More Oxygen

First Cuddle with Mom

No More Bili Light

I was Brave Today

One Page for each 23-40 Weeks Old

Fill in the Blank Milestone


Each milestone card is on one 8.5" x 11" piece of paper. Recommended photo size for each milestone is 4"x6"

Digital Download

NICU Milestones will be available via digital download upon purchase. All purchases are final sale.

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