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Our NICU Story: A Six Week NICU Journal

Our NICU Story: A Six Week NICU Journal

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A six-week journal to document your baby's day by day journey through the NICU.

What's Inside?

A Letter to the NICU Mama

Hello, My Name Is:
- I was born on...
- I was due on...
- Birth Place, time, weight, length
- A space to write your birth story

Weight Conversion Chart - grams to pounds and ounces

A fill in the blank graph to document your baby's growth over time

Daily Pages that include:
- A daily quote
- Day of the week & date, NICU day #, and gestational age
- Doctor(s) & nurse(s) of the day
- Today I weigh...
- Today I can eat _____ mL/oz
- I can eat every _____ hours
- Today I ate food by: tube/bottle/breast
- Space to write about various equipment & settings
- Space to write about various meds & procedures
- Today, I am grateful for...
- Today was great because...
- Today was hard because...
- Space to write questions & notes for medical staff
- Hourly Calendar for appointments, care times, procedures & therapies

Thoughts of the week - every 7 days there are many lines to journal about your experience. Write down four things your baby loves and four things your baby dislikes.

Three milestone celebrations for each week

I'm Going Home Certificate of NICU Graduation
- Graduation Date
- # of Days in the NICU, weight & length
- Biggest Accomplishments

One whole page for going home hotes & follow up appointments

Breastmilk Storage Instructions

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Language: ‎English

Paperback: ‎107 pages

Item Weight: ‎12 ounces

Dimensions: ‎8.5 x 0.26 x 11 inches

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The Story Behind the Journal

When my daughter, Olivia, was admitted to the NICU I asked our intake nurse some helpful tips to get through the next few months. One thing she suggested was journaling about our experience. I’d never really had a daily journal before and was a bit unsure where to start but decided to take her up on her advice. On the hard days, it was great to look back on previous weeks to see how much progress she’d made.

When searching for a journal, I was looking for something with prompts to help me figure out what to write. I never found anything I really gravitated to, so I used a plain notebook and made it up as I went along.

I knew one day I wanted to give NICU Mamas a resource they’d be able to use to document their own baby’s story. So I decided to make my own. An organized journal of everything I would have wanted. So that one day, families are able to share their baby’s NICU story with them.