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NICU Milestone Cards

NICU Milestone Cards

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Celebrate every little milestone in your baby's NICU journey

What's Inside?

Today I am (1-20) weeks old

Today I am (1-9) months old

(23-40) weeks

I weigh (2-10) pounds

No More Breathing Tube

No More CPAP Machine

I'm on Room Air

I Opened My Eyes Today

First Cuddle with Mom

First Cuddle with Dad

No More Feeding Tube

I am Breathing on my Own

Today is my Due Date

I'm Going Home Today

I had my First Bath Today

No More Bili Light

I had my First Bottle Today

I Slept in an Open Crib

I Breastfed Today

My First Outfit

No More Oxygen

I was Brave Today

No More Wires

No More IV Fluids

6 Blank Milestone Cards


Each milestone card is 3" x 3"

There are six milestones on each 8.5"x11" piece of paper.

Digital Download

NICU Milestones will be available via digital download upon purchase. All purchases are final sale.

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