How to Support a NICU Family

Oftentimes, I get asked how to best support a new NICU mom. Friends and family who want to be there but don’t know how. Below are 6 really helpful things people did for us when we were in the NICU:
  • Ask how their baby is doing - like any new mom, we want to gush about our baby and show you pictures - even if they’re not at home with us
  • Make them a homemade meal - we lived off people cooking for us for 3.5 months and it was the most life giving thing. Meals. Meals. Meals. 
  • Offer to run errands - we want to spend as much time at the hospital as we can. Simple things like buying dog food, going to target for toilet paper or buying some snacks at the grocery store all take time - time away from our baby or time we’d rather spend relaxing and taking a hot minute for ourself.
  • Lend a listening ear - some days are good. Some days aren’t as good. Be there to listen to both.
  • Offer childcare for other kids - I’m so thankful we weren’t in this position but I can only imagine how difficult it must be having other kids at home and trying to get them to their activities. This would have been oh so helpful.
  • Offer to mow or shovel (or any yard work) - like running errands, this just takes time in our day when we already have so little for activities outside of the hospital.
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