Dos & Don'ts of Supporting a NICU Parent

Here are a few of my favorite Dos and Don’ts of supporting a NICU parent:

  • Offer to bring dinner - when Olivia was in the NICU, it was so life giving to not have to worry about meal planning and worrying about what we’d eat each day.
  • Ask about my baby - it shows you care! Just because she’s in the NICU doesn’t mean I can’t show you cute pictures of her drowning in her onesies or learning how to eat. The milestones may just look different.
  • Understand how much your support is appreciated.
  • Ask when she’s coming home. We have no idea and things can change so fast.
  • Judge me after discharge when I choose to stay home with my baby instead of going out - we’re just trying to keep our baby safe from all the big germs and don’t want to send them back to the hospital
  • Assume the journey is over just because she’s home - it’s not. In fact, oftentimes, it’s just getting started. Years if follow up appointments and possible therapies.
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