A Mamas Thoughts on Morning Rounds

I remember the first time I attended rounds for Olivia. The doctors listed off so much medical jargon & terminology I stood there completely lost and had no idea what was happening. I think the only things I caught were her weight, gestational age & the word “oxygen”

Day 1 was very different than day 7, 47 and 100. It feels super overwhelming standing in front of 15 other medical professionals when you have no medical experience other than your weekly episode of Grey’s Anatomy (which, in my opinion, is pretty official).

After a few days, when the fog of early postpartum days lifted, I learned to not be shy. I asked questions. I absorbed as much information I could because if I didn’t understand what was happening in my baby’s NICU room, how would I be able to advocate for her needs.

As the months went by, I could have led rounds. I knew everything there was to know about my baby’s medical needs and I wasn’t shy about offering suggestions regarding her care.

Mama, if you’re new to rounds - they get easier! I would encourage you to ask questions and understand everything there is to know because at the end of the day, you are your baby’s best advocate!
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